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Janine has earned a reputation for developing properly trained horses with a consistent record of winning regional, national, and international championships.

Whether in Canada or Florida, you are welcome to join the Little Dressage team and benefit from top-calibre training, instruction, and/or show experience.


Would you like to benefit from top-tier training and instruction in the heart of world class competition in Florida this winter? Little Dressage is now planning for our Winter-Spring 2020 season.  Little Dressage has limited availability for training/coaching, complemented by full care/grooming.  We welcome horses in training, horses and riders for training/showing/coaching, horses in training, or sales horses, and are always happy to customize a program for your needs.  If you’d like to join Little Dressage for an amazing winter season riding, training and showing in Florida contact us via PM ASAP before spaces are full — nobody ever regrets a winter season of dressage under the sun and palm trees! We are also happy to provide a long list of excellent references who have enjoyed many Florida seasons with the Little Dressage team.  Contact us soon with inquiries!

314 J Nico championships (3)70 - Ebony high score ribbon71 - Ebony in High Score ribbon and cooler (2)12671940_10153272154981990_7645624387698649844_o

As a trainer, Janine approaches each horse as a unique individual.

She strives to develop balanced, straight, forward, and responsive athletes who progress with confidence.

Janine on Harry trot48 - D canter FL 2014 (2)32 - Nico piaffe (2)

486616_10150769697919529_1798138997_n80 - Janine and Landino trot (credit) (2)


As a coach, Janine is known for developing top talent, inspiring work ethic, and equipping her students with the tools and insights they need to ride effectively and thoughtfully, with a balance of consistency, adaptability, and style.

305 J memory (2)
Sylvie Fraser celebrates her win at the 2010 NAJYRC.

Janine’s students have won some of the most competitive championships in North America.

Such victories include coaching riders to Gold Medals at the North American Junior / Young Riders Championships (NAJYRC) in 2007, 2010, and 2015.

Janine has coached students to two Junior / Young Riders National FEI Championships and one Reserve Championship, plus two FEI Children’s National Championships, and one FEI Pony Reserve National Championship. Most recently, she coached the winner of the 2015 NAJRYC Freestyle Gold Medal and Individual Bronze Medal.

Janine is dedicated to providing thorough, in-depth education that builds upon logic and leads to quality results.

311 J memory (3)Janine coaching Shawneen on Ebony 2016

310 J memory (2)Janine is committed to teaching riders of all levels so long as their goal is to learn.

As a coach, her main focus while coaching is to identify and explain the biomechanics of each horse so that the rider can gain a better understanding of how their aids can properly influence their mount.

Establishing such an understanding leads to a more detailed approach to the training scale, effective communication, and a harmonious and well-rounded horse and rider combination.


Naima Moreira-Laliberté winning Freestyle Gold Medal - NAJRYR Championships 12584121_10153951277465972_1990434205_n
Above: Naima Moreira-Laliberte and Belafonte, Freestyle Gold Medalists and Individual Bronze Medalists, 2015 NAJYRC.  Photo credit: Lauren Baker/Phelps Media Group. Right: Janine coaching Naima and Sancerre at the team’s first show together, Adequan Global Dressage Fesival, February 2016.

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Highlights of Students’ Achievements

Naima Moreira-Laliberté and Sancerre

Adequan Global Dressage CDI Young Rider Freestyle 1st Place Winners (72.9%) – 2016

Adequan Global Dressage CDI Small Tour – Multiple Placings in Top 10 throughout 2016

Omega Alpha Healthy Horse Award Winner – 2016


Naima Moreira- Laliberté and Belafonte

NAJYRC FEI Young Rider Freestyle Gold Medallist – 2015

NAJYRC FEI Young Rider Individual Bronze Medallist – 2015


Larisa Anderson and Picassina

FEI Junior Provincial Champion – Alberta – 2013


Sylvie Fraser and World Star

NAJYRC Gold Medallist – 2010


Elizabeth Fraser and Summer Sel Colletta

National Youth FEI Children’s Champion – 2010


Larisa Anderson and Ularu

BC Summer Games Competitor – 2010


Sylvie Fraser and Magic

NAJYRC Competitors – 2009


Sandra Arnold and Fierro L’Oasis

National Youth FEI Children’s Champion – 2008


Sylvie Fraser and Summer Sel Colletta

BC Summer Games – 2 Gold Medals, 1 Silver Medal – 2008


Sara Regehr and Danika

National FEI Junior Champion – 2008

National Junior Freestyle Champion – 2008

National FEI Junior Freestyle Reserve Champion – 2008

National FEI Junior Reserve Champion – 2007

NAJYRC Gold Medallist – 2007



Janine is available for online lessons via distance.  As long as you have a wifi connection, an Ipad, and a Bluetooth – or similar technologies – you can benefit from Janine’s coaching from anywhere in the world.  Please contact her for further details.

Shawneen cantering Ebony 2

For examples of horses and riders with whom Janine is currently working, as well as updates and media coverage of those making headlines, please see our Horses and News pages.

Our Gallery & Memories page offers further glimpses into Little Dressage.

Whether via snapshots from a week ago or fond memories from a decade prior, we hope to share with you the spirit of dedication, determination, collective effort, and fun that exemplifies our team.

93 - Janine and Naima (with Belafonte) before FEI jog at AGDF 1630 - Oswald in sun (2)

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and the realists. 

But most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you

… even when you do not see it in yourself.”   – Edmund Lee