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 Selected Horses Currently in Training with Janine

Janine Little is excited about the group of promising horses she is currently training. Patient and attentive to the unique temperament, biomechanics, and readiness of each horse, Janine looks forward to continuing to enable each horse to optimally progress.

Horses in Little Dressage’s program (in alphabetical order) include:


2011 Oldenburg gelding

Sire: Belissimo M          Dam: Modena (Sir Donnerhall)

Bono cantering in field.jpg


56 - Bono at three12919767_10154136938410972_8209619337586606984_n (3)Bono's First Show11082576_10153225244590972_6709382257340827082_n

Charlotte instagram.jpg

Billionaire won his debut Training Level class at Wellington’s Adequan Global Dressage Festival by earning a 76.957% his first weekend.  He has since gone on to compete to Fourth Level, has achieved numerous wins and scores well into the 70s at major shows such as Global.

As of summer 2018, Billionaire is already demonstrating tremendous promise schooling Small Tour at just seven years of age — and impressed Charlotte Dujardin and the crowds alike at the Charlotte Dujardin Masterclass at the Caledon Equestrian Park, 2018.

Above: Billionaire and Janine even made it onto Charlotte’s own Instagram following the October 2018 Masterclass!

Owner: Shawneen Jacobs

Video of Billionaire trying out his Small Tour moves, August 2018:

Video: Highlights of Billionaire’s first 2018 shows at Adequan Global Dressage Festival, with victories and scores consistently over 70%:

Billionaire Video – Schooling as a 6 year-old, July 2017:

Billionaire Video (his silly self ):



2008 KWPN mare

Sire:  Wup (Welt Hit II)          Dam:  Zarcita, out of Sarita (Parcival)



Tom von Kapherr Photography-3909.jpg

D at Devon 2017.jpgDemitra FB screen shot.jpg


Demitra April 2016 (2)48 - D canter FL 2014 (2)89 - D and Jo in Montreal (2)


Demitra scored between 75% and 78+% when she and Janine made her debut at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival at First Level.

A quick learner with a “let’s do this!” approach, Demitra earned success at Third Level at Global in 2017. September 2017 Demitra and Janine were Grand Champions and High Score Winners for Third Level at Bromont (Parc Equestre Olympique Bromont). Demitra’s intelligence, athleticism, and work ethic show exciting talent for the upper levels. Demitra’s sire was a Grand Prix horse in the Netherlands and her dam started competing Grand Prix successfully in 2017. Janine is very excited to advance Demitra’s show career.

Owner: Joanna Cockerline

Demitra and Janine in the Charlotte Dujardin clinic, Autumn 2017:

Demitra – Champion and High Score Winner, Third Level, at Bromont (Parc Equestre Olympique Bromont), September 2017:

Demitra at Global, Third Level, Spring 2017:



2008 Friesian mare

Sire:  Beart 411          Dam: Brieske Van de Lievendaal  (Fabe 348)

Ebony Covergirl.jpg


Ebony page two.jpg


Ebony article p. 4.jpgEbony article p. 3.jpg


IMG_3082 (5)

Janine and Ebony Global CDI March 2018.jpg71 - Ebony in High Score ribbon and cooler (2)Janine and Ebony White Fences 2018 28168843_1798479770173495_7854256729582124841_n.jpgEbony champion ribbon.jpg



25 - Ebony maneIMG_3072 (2)

Ebony ribbon Feb 3 2019.jpg

Ebony and Janine are already off to a fantastic start of 2019, with wins and exceptional scores in Wellington, such as the 74% they earned winning the Intermediare 1 Freestyle on February 3, 2019.

Ebony and Janine wrapped up the 2018 season by winning the Prix St. Georges Series Championship at White Fences in Florida, earning four CDI Top Ten placings at Wellington’s Adequan Global Dressage Festival, and then going on to achieve multiple successes at their first competition at Tryon International Equestrian Centre, home of the 2018 World Equestrian Games.  At Tryon, April 22, 2018, Janine and Ebony won the Intermediaire 1 Freestyle with a score of over 71.7%.  Back in Florida as of December 2108, the pair closed out the year by debuting Intermediaire 1 and earning a 73% in the Intermediaire 1 Freestyle.

The “little mare that could” has been winning classes and an ever-growing fan following ever since she and Little launched the first Adequan Global Dressage Festival of 2016 by winning the Horse of Course High Score Award with a 75.370% and wins at First Level.  In only two years, Ebony has gone on to earn the High Score Award for Prix St. Georges at Global (AGDF), with scores over 72.2%.   Ebony has earned numerous championships and victories — including a win at Dressage at Devon, autumn 2017 — and with her athletic ability and tremendous heart, shows no limits to the boundaries she can break and the horizons she can achieve.

As of 2019, Ebony has won at the Grand Prix level and was featured on the cover, and in the feature article, of The Friesian, FHANA (Friesian Horse Association of North America)’s official magazine. October of 2019, Ebony was invited to give a Grand Prix Freestyle demonstration at the Friesian National Mare Show in Ohio to a large audience, earning rave reviews from all in attendance.

Owner: Shawneen Jacobs

Video from February 3, 2019 – Ebony winning the Intermediare 1 Freestyle with a score of over 74%:

Below (January 20, 2018) – Ebony made her Intermediare 1 debut at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival on January 20, earning third place and promising comments from FEI judges her first time out at this level:

Update (December 2018): Janine Little and Ebony made their Intermediaire A debut in Florida and earned a 73% in the Intermediaire 1 Freestyle to begin this year’s Florida season.

Update (January 2018): Janine Little and Ebony earned the High Score Award for Prix St. Georges at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival, January 2018, after scoring 72.206% and placing second in Saturday’s highly competitive class, and winning with a 71.544% Sunday.  Ebony, owned by Shawneen Jacobs, made her PSG debut in December 2017, closing out her competition season with a 74.342%.

Video Highlights of Janine and Ebony at Ebony’s first 2018 competition at the Prix St. Georges (PSG) level, at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival 1:


Ebony Video – Winning Fourth Level Test Three at Dressage at Devon 2017, with a score of 70.333%:

Ebony Video – Fourth Level Champion and Fourth Level Freestyle Winner and High Point at Bromont (Parc Equestre Olympique Bromont), September 2017:



2009 Westphalian gelding

Sire:  Fidertanz          Dam: Etoscha (Ehrentusch)

IMG_5831-bewerkt (1).jpg

Janine and Fin at Bromont 2019.jpg

97 - Finley and Janine (2)


Finley Canter by Shawneen - Florida 2016 (2)

12729156_1275294542487979_7461040271525137010_n64 - Finley face in stall

Finley, formerly known as Fifty Shades HW, has been named to Dressage Canada’s 2020 Development Squad.  Finley has consistently won or placed highly in all classes in Florida and eastern Canada, progressing with Janine from Training Level to his first Grand Prix autumn of 2019. The pair’s scores range from 68-78+%, and include 9s and even a 10.  Kind and always wanting to please, Finley has progressed up the levels admirably, earning championships at Prix St. Georges and strong placings in Inter 1 CDIs in 2019 — and with an exciting future ahead.

Owner: Shawneen Jacobs

Finley Video:

Above: Finley and Janine Little earned second in the Prix St. Georges at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival, February 2, 2019, continuing this pair’s success as they continue to rise up the levels.



2012 KWPN gelding (Dream Boy x Krack C)IMG_6139-bewerkt - Portrait.jpg

New boy face

Hendrix canter in field.jpg


Hendrix video: This Dream Boy youngster caught on quickly in one of his first in-hand sessions with Janine, shown above in autumn 2018 as a 6 year-old.

Hendrix is making splendid progress with Janine, and we are very excited about this Dream Boy talent!



2010 Hanoverian gelding

Sarkozy x Donnerhall


Solaris is currently schooling Third and Fourth level with Janine.  Everyone is looking forward to this talented gelding’s Canadian show-ring debut in the near future.

Owner: Shannon Sluser


Selected Previous Horses

Dominic LHF

2001 Hanoverian gelding (by DeNiro)

2314 J Nico championships (3)319 J Nico (2)

307 J memory (2)IMG01732-20121019-2047

Janine began training Dominic LHF when he was five years old, bringing him from Training Level to Grand Prix.  The pair earned numerous successes, including the 2010 Alberta Provincial Championship, the 2010 Western Regional Championship, and the 2010 Pacific Regional Championship, in addition to many Freestyle wins.  They were listed for the Canadian Equestrian Team in 2011 and declared for the 2012 Olympics.

Owner (at the time): Suzanne Zimmermann

Dominic LHF Video (schooling back in the day):


Diamond Gem

2002 Hanoverian gelding (Diamond Hit x Senussi)

Gem with awards45 - Gem canter Florida from behindGem in awards coolerGem in FL 1 (2)

Janine and Diamond Gem scored to 76% competing in the small tour in Florida in 2014. Prior to that, the pair were Third Level Open Alberta Provincial Champions, scoring over 73%, and were also Third Level Open Western Regional Champions and Freestyle High Score winners at the Western Regional Championships in 2013.

Owners: Leanne Peniuk and Liz Peniuk



2005 Friesian mare (Jacob x Dirk)

Janine and Sexi FEI debut

327 J (2)320 J and Sexi (2)

Larisa and Sexi at Vernon (2)Sexi winning saddle.jpg

Janine competed with Sietzke from Second Level upwards, and made the mare’s FEI debut by winning at the Prix St. Georges level in 2014.  Additionally, Janine and Sietzke were the Fourth Level Open Champions and the Open Freestyle Champions at the Alberta Provincial Championships in 2013, and were undefeated in numerous additional championships and freestyle victories.

Owners: Leanne Peniuk and Liz Peniuk

Tragically, Sietzke lost a hard-fought battle with colic in early 2017.  Her spectacular freestyles are commemorated by the Sietzke Memorial / Applause Dressage Grant, established in this special mare’s memory by Liz and Leanne Peniuk of Stonehill Farm and freestyle designer Karen Robinson of Applause Dressage.

* Information on additional horses coming soon *


Selected Horse and Rider Partnerships Coached by Janine

Janine enjoys connecting with each rider’s unique personality and strengths to help them develop their skills and insights.

Building upon her success coaching numerous riders to wins at the North American Junior Young Riders Championships since 2007, Janine works extensively with Naima Moreira-Laliberté, who has become one of the most accomplished Young Riders Canada has ever produced.

Sancerre, Shown by Naima Moreira-Laliberté and owned by Fiducie Naga Trust

2006 Oldenburg stallion

Sir Donnerhall x Rubinstein

92 - Sancerre face model

94 - Naima and Sancerre schooling trot (3)Naima and Sancerre before FEI jog - AGDF 2016

IMG_2426 (3)12779092_1149034648470460_4952730313331921585_o

Naima and Sancerre created an immediate stir in Wellington as soon as the partnership came on the international dressage scene in February 2016, soon after Janine scouted the stallion from Europe.

Compatible and harmonious, the combination of Naima’s sensitive, tactful riding and Sancerre’s talent and fantastic disposition began earning exciting results – with scores in the 70s – the first season that Naima has ever competed in open small tour classes.

Janine coached the new partnership to progressively successful results within just a couple of months.  Developing upon consistently rising placings, Naima and Sancerre won their CDI Intermediare 1 Freestyle at the final 2016 Adequan Global Dressage Festival with a 72.9%.

Janine had the honour of competing with Sancerre at Dressage at Devon, autumn 2016, where they earned a blue ribbon.


Belafonte, Shown by Naima Moreira-Laliberté and owned by Fiducie Naga Trust

2004 Hanoverian gelding

Belissimo M  x Wendekreis


95 - Naima and Harry trot (2)IMG_3259 (4)

Naima and Belafonte won the Freestyle Gold Medal and Individual Bronze Medal at the 2015 North American Junior Young Riders Championships. The two continued their successes during the 2016 Adequan Global Dressage Festival season, such as a CDI Young Riders Freestyle win with a 70.7%.  With Belafonte, Naima benefited from collaboration between Janine and Albrecht Heidemann.

Additional Horse-Rider Partnerships

For additional highlights of students Janine has coached — a number of whom have won major awards, such as Gold Medals at the North American Junior / Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC) — we invite you to check out the Awards page.




91 - Wellington morning (2)

Janine congratulates everyone on achievements already earned, and looks forward to bright futures for all the horses and riders in training… throughout 2018 and far beyond.