Janine Little Clinics, provided coast to coast across Canada in 2018, are consistently acclaimed as “fantastic”, “the best of the best”, and “invaluable”, as comments from recent participants and auditors attest below.


Clinics confirmed for 2020 so far include:

  • April 25 – 30: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Calgary, Alberta
  • May 1 – 3: Nova Scotia
  • May 24: Mirabel, Quebec
  • May 31: Guelph, Ontario
  • June 4 – 5: Manitoba
  • June 6 – 7: Grande Prairie, Alberta
  • June 24 – 25: Manitoba
  • June 30 – July 2: Nova Scotia
  • August 4 – 6: Nova Scotia
  • August 7 – 8: Manitoba
  • September 16 – 18: Manitoba
  • October 23 – 25: Nova Scotia

If you are interested in hosting a clinic, we also invite you to get in touch regarding potential availability.  If you are interested in riding in a clinic or auditing, please contact us or stay tuned for registration details.


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Comments from clinic participants, organizers, and auditors speak for themselves:

“Phenomenal clinic with Janine!  Everyone loves her dedication to horse and rider and with the results they are achieving!  … I would definitely say Janine Little is among the ‘best of the best’ of clinicians I have had.  She has knowledge about the horse like no one else and is a true horse person!  I am over-the-moon thrilled… definitely she will be returning again next year!  We will be counting down the days until her return!” – Jo Duston, Clinic Organizer, Nova Scotia

Above: Tara Morrison and Ehlviss benefiting from a recent western Canada clinic with Janine Little. 

Recommendations from across Canada continue:

“Riders and auditors learned so much and were able to develop and train their eyes further. From simple but beautiful and correct transitions, riding accurate lines, to correcting straightness issues within tempi changes, much was addressed, a plan developed, and a noticeable improvement was seen during the lessons. Each and every rider was encouraged and praised as they worked with Janine. The smiles were huge and the pats the horses received afterwards told it all: an excellent training session had happened with many lightbulb moments for both riders and horses. We highly recommend Janine Little as a clinician. Four stars from all of us! ⭐⭐⭐⭐” – Tara Morrison, Manitoba

“What a fabulous weekend with Janine Little coaching Peace Region riders in dressage!   We unanimously agree that she needs to come back!  We are so lucky!” – Kenda Lubeck, Grand Prairie, Alberta

“The past few days have been fantastic!  Oliver and I have had the opportunity to be coached by the amazing Janine Little!  We had so many ‘light bulb’ moments in just three short days and I cannot thank you enough for your patience and help!  Please come back!” – Rebecca Lumax, shown below left.

Janine clinic 1.jpgJanine and Carol Macomber.jpg

“I’m having the best rides of my life!  Janine is a true horse woman, having backed and brought her horses through the levels… she understands the babies as well as the upper level horses… so lucky to have this opportunity!” – Carol Macomber (above right).

Janine with Maria Bath.jpgJanine clinic - Carla Baille.jpg

Can’t say enough about this clinician!! I couldn’t be happier with my pony!” –  Carla Baillie (above right).

“Such a fantastic dressage clinic… we are really starting to see our potential!”  – Angela Oakley

Absolutely fabulous rides with Janine Little!” – Terri Braithwaite

“Janine Little is a great clinician. She was able to see immediately what the horse needed to improve and could communicate that to the rider, regardless of the riders skill level. Sympathetic to the horses, encouraging to the riders, and fun and engaging for the auditors, a clinic with Janine Little is ‘must do’ for all aspiring dressage riders.”           – Casey Dermott (below left), Western Canada Clinic Tour 

Kirsten Baumber (below right, with Toby), also has great feedback about Janine’s clinics:



“I was happy to be accepted as a participant in Janine’s clinic held at Wheatland Equestrian in May, 2018. I had watched her ride before and knew of her prowess with Friesians, and being a Friesian owner myself, I knew that it wouldn’t be a waste of time and money. Janine did not disappoint – I was given some new tools to help mobilize his hindquarters and get him engaging his hind end more. Her teaching style is easy to understand, her positive support is amazing, and her ability to see and help with the little things that you need someone on the ground to notice was great! I would highly recommend her as a clinician and would gladly take more clinics from her. Thank you so much Janine and I’m looking forward to seeing you this fall!! Kirsten (and Toby)”

– From Kristen Baumber, pictured with Toby, above, who attended the Janine Little Clinic held in Alberta, May 2018.

Emily Schnoor and MnM, shown below, also thoroughly benefited from the Janine Little Clinic held in BC, May 2018.



Janine welcomes your inquiries regarding clinics, and looks forward to working with you and your horse(s)!

Janine and Ebony White Fences 2018 28168843_1798479770173495_7854256729582124841_n.jpg

Janine’s style as a clinician draws upon extensive experience bringing a diverse range of horses up the levels.  Throughout the years, Janine has trained numerous horses and riders to significant successes up to the FEI levels, and has continually developed own horses from the basics to FEI. She is eager to work with all levels of horses and riders from Training through Grand Prix.

A trainer who always believes in developing and continuous learning, Janine has trained with some of the top names in the sport, including Charlotte Dujardin, Juan Matute Sr., Steffen Peters, and Anky van Grunsven, to name a few.  She actively trains and competes on the winter circuit in Wellington, Florida, and dedicates the rest of the year to showing and training in Canada.

As a rider and coach, Janine emphasizes the importance of balancing and self-carriage in her training to develop horses with a correct understanding and ability to perform at their best… leading to confident and happy athletes.

Thank you to all of the fantastic clinic organizers and participants who made the 2018 clinic series such a success!

For further information or to arrange a clinic, please Contact Janine Little directly.